Sonny Rainshine

Biography of Sonny Rainshine

Education: MA English; BA French.
Profession: Software trainer for health care organization.
Hobbies: Avid reader and movie buff. Light hiking and long walks in the woods.
Favorite Poets:
Wallace Stevens
Robert Frost
Robinson Jeffers
Antonio Machada
Most of the 19th century Romantics, William Carlos Williams, and a host of others.
Poetic philosophy: I look for both interesting form and content in the poetry I read and that I compose. They do go hand-in-hand. If one has something to say, it's necessary to say it well.

Sonny Rainshine's Works:

I have a few poems published in University literary magazines, a couple online, and have won a contest or two. I'd like to become good enough to publish in prestigious poetry journals, but appear to be too lazy to do the necessary work. Please consider commenting on my poems here on this site; even if you don't care for them, a little constructive crticism helps us all grow as poets. Updates

Yellow Epiphany

This time of year
hundreds of pale yellow
butterflies descend upon
the early purple thistle
blossoms and daisies,
buttering up
the landscape.

Common as dandelions

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