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Sonny Rainshine Poems

441. Headline: Poet Od's On Rhyme 5/8/2006
442. Global Hardening 5/9/2006
443. Domestic Rituals 5/6/2006
444. Pandora's Prayer 6/16/2006
445. Fortunata Saves The Day 6/15/2006
446. Ophiciophobia 4/16/2006
447. Bias 4/9/2006
448. Letting Go Of The Leaves 7/23/2006
449. Enclosures 4/20/2006
450. Lazyboy 5/1/2006
451. Romantic Dialogue 7/2/2006
452. After The Sonnet Ends 5/9/2008
453. After Words 5/12/2008
454. Haiku: Revenge 5/7/2006
455. Lost (And Found) In Space 3/19/2007
456. Passive Voice 6/30/2006
457. Migrant Mother 4/29/2006
458. Grandfather's Face 9/7/2007
459. A Bow To Film Noir 9/11/2007
460. Holy Basil 5/13/2006
461. Arrow Of Time 4/27/2006
462. Tea And No Sympathy 5/21/2006
463. Pointillism 6/4/2006
464. Last Summer Leaf On A Maple Tree 5/9/2006
465. The Wedding Ring 7/2/2006
466. Beds 3/26/2006
467. The Girl At The Bus Stop 4/14/2006
468. Five Day Affair 4/15/2006
469. A Wealth Of Piety 11/25/2006
470. Weathering 7/15/2007
471. Anagram 4 U 10/31/2007
472. Arguing With The Echo 11/25/2007
473. A Homeopathy Of The Heart 5/18/2007
474. Haiku: Wildfire 5/22/2006
475. Haiku: Sweet Breakfast 5/31/2006
476. 3 Seconds Before The Shot 5/4/2008
477. A Wilderness Without You 4/11/2008
478. Fish Tale 4/22/2006
479. Haiku: Hail Storm 5/14/2006
480. 21st Century Rant 11/2/2007

Comments about Sonny Rainshine

  • Sherrie Z (6/11/2018 6:16:00 PM)

    Hi, Sonny - I am doing an art / science activity for children at a community Wind Festival in Euclid, Ohio. I am using the seeds that are blown by the wind - like maple seeds. I like your poem very much and plan to use it with our art project. Thank you!

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  • Val Morehouse (9/30/2007 5:07:00 AM)

    Assisted Living is perfect. I think you have to have been through it to know it and write about it. See my 'Waiting for the Folks.'

  • Aisha Sherazi (4/3/2006 10:21:00 AM)

    I just love your poems! Keep up the wonderful writing! ! !

Best Poem of Sonny Rainshine

A Leaf Refuses To Fall

The leaves don’t let go
that easily either. It takes a bluster,
a filabuster of north wind,
and the wasp-sting of the first
chill of late September
to tear them off the page
of summer.

Persuasion doesn’t do it.
Sometimes in the middle of winter,
(the DEAD of winter, as they say)
you might see one shriveled
oakleaf, dangling from a frozen
filament of stem,
defiant, victorious.

Nothing likes to end;
the October wind invites
the leaf to tango in the frosty air.
A shy curtsey, a twirling turn,
a pirouette, then the dance

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Finding What We Lost

Where do you keep your joy?
Did you install it
in a strongbox or tuck it
in your wallet?

Have you given all your zest away—
Get it back!
It’s not something to sell
or to toss in a sack.

You say the travails of life
have snatched it away.
Relocate it. Take it back;
redeem it today.

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