Sonya Florentino

Rookie (Manila, Philippines (residing NYC))

Biography of Sonya Florentino

I write poems, I've also written a couple of songs,
I write mainly as a form of therapy, in order to understand myself, and hopefully life. Writing poems came to me late (but never too late!) I hardly read poems before (found them intimidating) but I'm slowly learning to love reading and writing poems. My first love is music but poetry is becoming a close second...

Note: I've put an exclamation point (!) in front of my personal favorites. You can start with those if you wish.. some of those titles are:

A Gentleman Poet
A Sudden Rain
Ode To The Worm
Like Onion
Home Updates

+ Winter's Chill

I still can't get used to the cold
It still chills me to the bone
No matter how thick my coat
Or how many winters I've known

It reminds me that I'm all alone
It reminds me that I'm far from home
It reminds me that I am getting old

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