Sonya Florentino

Rookie (Manila, Philippines (residing NYC))

Sonya Florentino Poems

81. # Mercy Killing 6/29/2009
82. A Mountain Review 3/9/2010
83. Beautiful 12/20/2008
84. Dog Trick #1 & #2 1/12/2009
85. Red Sky 12/4/2008
86. Surrender 12/7/2008
87. Wind And Sea 12/11/2008
88. Goodbye Forever 12/9/2008
89. Remember Now 12/12/2008
90. Embrace 12/17/2008
91. A Dream-Life 1/19/2009
92. An Uneasy Prey (To The Poemhunter) 1/19/2009
93. A Lesson In Living 4/13/2009
94. The Lover/The Stranger 4/18/2009
95. * Beauty Unearthed 3/3/2009
96. A Quiet Sound 3/24/2009
97. The Drowning 3/29/2009
98. Dead Stars 2/21/2009
99. A Question Of Happiness 1/7/2009
100. Metaphor 1/26/2009
101. Cries The Wind Chimes 4/16/2010
102. Beauty Revisited 1/3/2010
103. Like Life 12/6/2008
104. Bus Write 12/10/2008
105. Real Talk 7/7/2009
106. # # R.S.V.P. (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof) 9/30/2009
107. # # Plaything 11/3/2009
108. # Poem From Titles (Destroyer, Muse, Metaphor) 12/1/2009
109. The High Seat 11/22/2009
110. Volcano! 12/8/2008
111. Thornbird Song 12/7/2008
112. The Visit (A Gothic Love Story) 2/6/2009
113. Bitter Love 2/9/2009
114. Be That Lover (Lyrics) 1/28/2009
115. Heartbeat 2/6/2009
116. No More Poems, Alicia? No Mas? Never Ever, Alicia? Nunca Mas? 2/27/2009
117. ~ Love Is A Memory 3/29/2009
118. It Doesn'T Take Much 4/28/2009
119. Window 1/4/2009
120. # # The Introduction 12/18/2009

Comments about Sonya Florentino

  • Patti Masterman (12/6/2009 11:08:00 PM)

    Sonya is one of the most amazing writers I've ever met across time. She holds her own; past, present and future. She writes timelessly, about subtle things that one might never notice, if not for her busy pen. You should attempt to read everything she has written here; because you won't find this much brilliance and honesty available in very many places today. And once you start to read her, you can never stop again; that is the spell and the special magic of Sonya. If reading the poems of anybody could make you a better writer yourself; it would have to be these poems of Sonya as much as anyone's; she can hold her own no matter the era or subject matter.
    As a human being she is that rare honest sort, that what you see is just what you get, and she never fails to amaze with deep insight, both as a writer and as a friend. But don't take my word on all this; much better to find out for yourself. (smile)

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  • Jasper Pane (7/27/2009 5:39:00 PM)

    Florentino...probably not Irish.
    However probably a person that
    is a truly expressive and really
    good writer.

    I so much enjoyed you body of work.

Best Poem of Sonya Florentino

# # A Sudden Turn (With Haiku Version - My Very First!)

A SUDDEN TURN (original version)

a fish darts forward

as water lilies re-arrange in the water

centered, in the moment

til it once again flits by

or a bird swoops down as suddenly

from the sky

© 2009 Sonya Florentino

A SUDDEN TURN (Haiku version)

a fish darts forward

water lilies re-arrange

space in the water

moment unbroken

til fish again flits by, or

bird swoops down from high

© 2009 Sonya Florentino

Read the full of # # A Sudden Turn (With Haiku Version - My Very First!)

Epiphany In Times Square

Would I have recognized you
In the middle of Times Square
Among a billion strangers
Rushing here and there

If our eyes met
Would I recognize the fire
Those burning eyes
That madman's smile

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