Sonya Florentino

Rookie (Manila, Philippines (residing NYC))

Sonya Florentino Poems

81. # Mercy Killing 6/29/2009
82. A Mountain Review 3/9/2010
83. Beautiful 12/20/2008
84. Dog Trick #1 & #2 1/12/2009
85. Red Sky 12/4/2008
86. Surrender 12/7/2008
87. Wind And Sea 12/11/2008
88. Goodbye Forever 12/9/2008
89. Remember Now 12/12/2008
90. Embrace 12/17/2008
91. A Dream-Life 1/19/2009
92. An Uneasy Prey (To The Poemhunter) 1/19/2009
93. A Lesson In Living 4/13/2009
94. The Lover/The Stranger 4/18/2009
95. * Beauty Unearthed 3/3/2009
96. A Quiet Sound 3/24/2009
97. The Drowning 3/29/2009
98. Dead Stars 2/21/2009
99. A Question Of Happiness 1/7/2009
100. Metaphor 1/26/2009
101. Cries The Wind Chimes 4/16/2010
102. Beauty Revisited 1/3/2010
103. Like Life 12/6/2008
104. Bus Write 12/10/2008
105. Real Talk 7/7/2009
106. # # R.S.V.P. (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof) 9/30/2009
107. # # Plaything 11/3/2009
108. # Poem From Titles (Destroyer, Muse, Metaphor) 12/1/2009
109. The High Seat 11/22/2009
110. Volcano! 12/8/2008
111. Thornbird Song 12/7/2008
112. The Visit (A Gothic Love Story) 2/6/2009
113. Bitter Love 2/9/2009
114. Be That Lover (Lyrics) 1/28/2009
115. Heartbeat 2/6/2009
116. No More Poems, Alicia? No Mas? Never Ever, Alicia? Nunca Mas? 2/27/2009
117. ~ Love Is A Memory 3/29/2009
118. It Doesn'T Take Much 4/28/2009
119. Window 1/4/2009
120. # # The Introduction 12/18/2009

Comments about Sonya Florentino

  • Patti Masterman (12/6/2009 11:08:00 PM)

    Sonya is one of the most amazing writers I've ever met across time. She holds her own; past, present and future. She writes timelessly, about subtle things that one might never notice, if not for her busy pen. You should attempt to read everything she has written here; because you won't find this much brilliance and honesty available in very many places today. And once you start to read her, you can never stop again; that is the spell and the special magic of Sonya. If reading the poems of anybody could make you a better writer yourself; it would have to be these poems of Sonya as much as anyone's; she can hold her own no matter the era or subject matter.
    As a human being she is that rare honest sort, that what you see is just what you get, and she never fails to amaze with deep insight, both as a writer and as a friend. But don't take my word on all this; much better to find out for yourself. (smile)

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  • Jasper Pane (7/27/2009 5:39:00 PM)

    Florentino...probably not Irish.
    However probably a person that
    is a truly expressive and really
    good writer.

    I so much enjoyed you body of work.

Best Poem of Sonya Florentino

# # A Sudden Turn (With Haiku Version - My Very First!)

A SUDDEN TURN (original version)

a fish darts forward

as water lilies re-arrange in the water

centered, in the moment

til it once again flits by

or a bird swoops down as suddenly

from the sky

© 2009 Sonya Florentino

A SUDDEN TURN (Haiku version)

a fish darts forward

water lilies re-arrange

space in the water

moment unbroken

til fish again flits by, or

bird swoops down from high

© 2009 Sonya Florentino

Read the full of # # A Sudden Turn (With Haiku Version - My Very First!)

Red Sky

Your love for me is right
But I am paralysed
Out of breath, scared to death
The sky is turning red

Your love for me is true
As what I'm going through
My heart is full, love has ruled
The sky's no longer blue

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