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Biography of Soren Valentine

I have written poetry for as long as I can remember. At first, poetry was just a hobby I suppose.It lacked real meaning to me until about five or six years ago. As one transitions from the innocent years of childhood to the anxiety-filled teenage years (and beyond) , I've found that one really needs an outlet, a way to express one's emotions. For me, poetry (as I often say) is therapeutic. It makes up a part of my being; it is one of my passions. Granted, I am no fabulous writer (indeed, far from it) but regardless of whether or not my poetry is 'good' I continue to write because others seem to enjoy it (they could, of course, be lying to me, in which case I would be greatly disappointed because I prefer a honest opinion) . My goal is to encourage my readers (naturally) but honestly, I have a more selfish goal: To save myself.

Enough of my ranting and digressions. Enjoy! I hope it isn't too bad. ;)

Soren Valentine Updates

Inverted Reflections

A single autumn leaf blows, leading me like a beatific fool upon the path of the Forgotten Ones.
I mutter prayers for eternal slumber as I mindlessly wander about the decaying road, led by this pale light.
I reach the Gate of Emptiness and Desertion, and as I pass through, a Forest of Fluorescent White Trees assaults me with painful memories of my thralldom unto the crestfallen spirit that has oft been led to misery.

I have been filled with nothingness; The Man That Never Was.

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