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Biography of Soren Valentine

I have written poetry for as long as I can remember. At first, poetry was just a hobby I suppose.It lacked real meaning to me until about five or six years ago. As one transitions from the innocent years of childhood to the anxiety-filled teenage years (and beyond) , I've found that one really needs an outlet, a way to express one's emotions. For me, poetry (as I often say) is therapeutic. It makes up a part of my being; it is one of my passions. Granted, I am no fabulous writer (indeed, far from it) but regardless of whether or not my poetry is 'good' I continue to write because others seem to enjoy it (they could, of course, be lying to me, in which case I would be greatly disappointed because I prefer a honest opinion) . My goal is to encourage my readers (naturally) but honestly, I have a more selfish goal: To save myself.

Enough of my ranting and digressions. Enjoy! I hope it isn't too bad. ;)

Soren Valentine Updates

No More And Forever

My heart wishes to beat no more.
My lungs refuse to take in air anymore.
My kidneys, why should they keep on serving me?
Let them find a new master!

What is the point of living when my life is fraught with shame?

I have wrought the hollowness in me; I have become the son of death.
O! Hypaethral Temple of mine, how I wish you were domed.

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