Soren Valentine

Soren Valentine Poems

41. Light Show Over The Lake; Part I 11/29/2012
42. Verdant Blade - A Haiku 2/26/2013
43. Ennui And Fright 7/30/2012
44. Too Bad, It's Just An Illusion 7/1/2012
45. On The Syren-Shore 7/1/2012
46. Sweet Sorrow 8/10/2012
47. The Ripping Skies 11/27/2012
48. Whisper Of The Dismembered 12/10/2012
49. Break The Fall 12/14/2012
50. The Grey Hall 12/18/2012
51. The Workings Of An Idi*t 12/31/2012
52. The Unraveling 10/31/2012
53. Where Is My Mind? 9/26/2012
54. Disregard Me, Please 9/26/2012
55. Fallen Raven 9/26/2012
56. Feline Mind 8/8/2012
57. Invisible Fears 8/8/2012
58. Broken Heart's Legacy 8/18/2012
59. Song Of The Unsung Girl 8/6/2012
60. Arielle's Awakening 4/4/2013
61. Enigma 8/6/2012
62. Autumnal Love 8/8/2012
63. Ode To The Hollow Bastion Within 7/30/2012
64. Seeking With The Desire To Die 12/30/2012
65. Dreamfall 12/10/2012
66. A Second Salem 11/27/2012
67. Cambre And Arielle (From Waking To Repose) 4/11/2013
68. La Moribunda (The Withered One) 11/27/2013
69. The Rush Of A Lie 11/9/2012
70. Raining Moonlight 7/1/2012
71. The Hearer Who Wasn'T Heard 12/13/2012
72. Artlessly Deceptive 1/1/2013
73. Confusion 10/4/2012
74. Passively Tearing Me Asunder 4/25/2013
75. Double-Edged Sword 7/1/2012
76. Is This Regret? 11/2/2012
77. An Old Tree 9/6/2012
78. Light Show Over The Lake; Part Ii 11/29/2012
79. Autumn's Grief 1/28/2013
80. October's Red Leaf 1/1/2013
Best Poem of Soren Valentine

October's Red Leaf

This little leaf I hold in my hand,
for fear it should escape into the air
and take my joy, my memories and
leaving me greying in despair.

Upon Its crown it burns red and quaint,
like a painted star it is bright,
until it blackens with sadness faint,
and leaves its colours with nostalgic night.

'Tis a tree, a Covert of mine,
so it becomes a begetter of joy,
for it rewinds me to when I'd shine,
But now I'm lost; betwixt a man and a boy.

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Deceitful Dreams

By sorrowful waters I have long dwelt.
By the rushing of winds is where I have made my abiding place.
Turbulent ground, where ones bones turn to dust, is where I walk.
I know naught of the path I am taking, and ere I reach the end, I feel my doom is nigh.
The Ocean of Storms has caught up.
I thought I could put it off, yet it is fast approaching.
Oft have I wandered, in days long sped, the paths of darkness.
Why do I choose to walk with the Blind Ones? Did I not hearken to the wailing of

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