Sossi Khachadourian

Sossi Khachadourian Poems

1. يا ويلي من هالدنية 4/19/2012
2. The Perfect Portrait Of Love 4/20/2012
3. Love 4/21/2012
4. مسافرة إلى البلاد الغيب 4/23/2012
5. لا ترحل 4/23/2012
6. اعرف انك ستعود يومآ 4/23/2012
7. The Night And Me And The Pain 3/24/2012
8. To Be Or Not To Be 3/24/2012
9. The Life After Ending Love 3/28/2012
10. անգինէ անգին 4/24/2012
11. The Sky And Me 4/25/2012
12. كن او لا تكن 4/25/2012
13. Oh, Love! 5/1/2012
14. Love Me! 5/1/2012
15. All That I Can 5/1/2012
16. Ashes Of Your Love 5/2/2012
17. Limited Love! 5/2/2012
18. Broken Wings Of Love 5/2/2012
19. Still Like A Knife In My Heart 5/2/2012
20. No Love At The Dark 5/2/2012
21. The Passion Of The Love 5/2/2012
22. When The Love Is Gone 5/2/2012
23. The Devil Of The Love 5/2/2012
24. If... 5/2/2012
25. The Power Of Love 5/2/2012
26. Do You Remember My Beloved? 5/2/2012
27. My Lost Angel 5/2/2012
28. When The Love Is All Around 5/2/2012
29. Ah, Lover's Goodbye! 5/2/2012
30. When They Ask Me My Beloved 5/2/2012
31. True Friends! 5/1/2012
32. Lets Build A Home In Dreams 5/1/2012
33. Just One Day For The Love 5/1/2012
34. The Love Is My Wealth 5/1/2012
35. Hold You Once Again 5/1/2012
36. Because Of You 5/1/2012
37. Here We Are Again 5/1/2012
38. What Will Be Will Be! 5/1/2012
39. Unchain The Love 5/1/2012
40. Honesty! 5/1/2012
Best Poem of Sossi Khachadourian

I'M A Syrian And I'M Proud!

I am a Syrian and i'm proud
In this country people still have a heart.
Still their values are their guides
Although all the world have unreasonable hateful reaction against us
Without reason without whys

But after storms sun alway shins
RealIties no one can ever hide.
Through darkness light will come
I know that God is watching over us

I am a syrian and I will survive
No one can ever shake my pride
Although all the world with pointing fingers are accusing us
For those haters harmful acts
We are the victims of humanities unfairly madden ...

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To Be Or Not To Be

To be or not to be.
To love extremely or to go endlessly.
Like to live or to die.
You can't stay at the middle of those to extremes.

You have to choose one way, cause there is no way in between.
to give without whys.
To love without doubts.
To sacrifice anything for the sake of love.

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