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Sossi Khachadourian Poems

201. Let Them There Stood 11/19/2012
202. An Advice To A Father 11/19/2012
203. رواﯾﺔ ﺣﺒﻲ 11/20/2012
204. When The Peace Will Return Back Home 11/2/2012
205. The Devil Man And The Humanity 11/2/2012
206. Stop Dancing Upon My Grave 11/20/2012
207. Just Keep Smile 11/23/2012
208. Then You'Re Blessed My Friend 11/23/2012
209. A Crying Child 11/23/2012
210. A Real Man 11/23/2012
211. When They Told Me He's Gone 12/1/2012
212. Winter Days Why Do You Came! 12/1/2012
213. Unchain Your Love 12/2/2012
214. How Strange? 12/3/2012
215. A Trunks Of Pain 12/3/2012
216. My Butterfly 12/8/2012
217. The Night Is In Fear 12/9/2012
218. A December Day 12/14/2012
219. I'D Never Think Twice 12/25/2012
220. The Moon Is In Love 12/27/2012
221. The Life Through The Dark 1/10/2013
222. No Peace With Weapon And Gun 3/6/2013
223. A Smiling Face 3/7/2013
224. An Old Friend 3/7/2013
225. A Patience Stone 3/8/2013
226. Misery To Misery 3/11/2013
227. Սուրիոյ Հայերը 3/19/2013
228. Քույրն իմ անգին 3/19/2013
229. Քույրն իմ անգին 3/19/2013
230. امي يا ملاكي 3/20/2013
231. Այդպեսէր Ասում 3/20/2013
232. اناس في داخلنا 3/21/2013
233. Դող Քո Տոնը Ըլլայ Ամեն Օր 3/22/2013
234. And The Love Has Passed Me By 3/26/2013
235. I Cry 3/27/2013
236. An Episode 1/26/2013
237. A Meeting With Past 1/29/2013
238. An Attractive Game 2/2/2013
239. What The Love Is! 2/25/2013
240. An Angelic Smile 2/26/2013
Best Poem of Sossi Khachadourian

I'M A Syrian And I'M Proud!

I am a Syrian and i'm proud
In this country people still have a heart.
Still their values are their guides
Although all the world have unreasonable hateful reaction against us
Without reason without whys

But after storms sun alway shins
RealIties no one can ever hide.
Through darkness light will come
I know that God is watching over us

I am a syrian and I will survive
No one can ever shake my pride
Although all the world with pointing fingers are accusing us
For those haters harmful acts
We are the victims of humanities unfairly madden ...

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يا ويلي من هالدنية

يا قلبي كيف تدور على الاحساس و
الاحساس هاجر الدنية
يا قلبي كيف تدور على الناس و الانسانية مفقودة من هالدنية

الصديق اصبح يخون الصديق و الصداقة معانيها تغيرت

والاخ اصبح يقتل اخيه و الدنية سماها غيمت

الحب هاجر القلوب و الزمن اصبح زمن الجيوب

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