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321. Summr Days 7/29/2012
322. Because The Real Love Never Dies 7/26/2012
323. When The Love Is Gone Winter Days Come! 7/19/2012
324. 'Sure My Fellow Man Does' 7/1/2012
325. Broken Trust 5/30/2012
326. Trust 6/30/2012
327. Mother Advice 5/17/2012
328. My Eyes Will Chase You Forever 5/13/2012
329. No Heroes 5/7/2012
330. The Horror Of The Nights 5/4/2012
331. How Can I Love Again 5/4/2012
332. Shining Smile! Shine...Shine Again 5/2/2012
333. The First Time That We Met 5/1/2012
334. Peace Save The World. 5/2/2012
335. احبني 4/23/2012
336. استقيل من الحب و امشي 4/24/2012
337. Because I'M A Real Woman 5/3/2012
338. Romeo And Juliet 5/4/2012
339. To Travel Back In Time 5/17/2012
340. Alas, Love, Alas 5/25/2012
341. I Have The God Inside 7/31/2012
342. Syria 9/27/2012
343. The World Is A Stage But The Roles Are Changed 10/16/2012
344. Chilly Winter Day 1/20/2013
345. Lovers Never Become Friends 5/3/2012
346. Alas, All Are Strangers 5/9/2012
347. Adelou Degh Yette Sirenk! 9/26/2013
348. Justice Or Peace 11/2/2012
349. Positivity 11/10/2012
350. Just A Bit Of Light Is Enough 11/20/2012
351. If I Have Had! 12/9/2012
352. My World 11/3/2012
353. A Grace Of Oblivion 11/4/2012
354. Under Candle Light 1/19/2013
355. The Last Goodbye 12/22/2012
356. A New Year's Eve 1/1/2013
357. The Moment 4/10/2013
358. Like A Wind 3/5/2013
359. Poets Land 10/28/2012
360. One Cup Of Coffee Is Enough 10/27/2012

Comments about Sossi Khachadourian

  • Loulou Saraf (8/5/2014 9:17:00 AM)

    Admirable as all your poems always have influenced in me, you have a perfect way to turn and express even the saddest poem's story inspirational, one word to say your my favorite.

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  • Dalia Darling Dalia Darling (7/27/2014 9:33:00 AM)

    Dear poet its a very great pleasure for me to leave a comment about you and thanks that I had this chanse simply you are an adorable poet
    Your poems always gave me a courage and your pure spirit makes them just perfect.

  • Saeid K (4/11/2014 12:16:00 PM)

    You are great Sossi
    significant poem

Best Poem of Sossi Khachadourian

I'M A Syrian And I'M Proud!

I am a Syrian and i'm proud
In this country people still have a heart.
Still their values are their guides
Although all the world have unreasonable hateful reaction against us
Without reason without whys

But after storms sun alway shins
RealIties no one can ever hide.
Through darkness light will come
I know that God is watching over us

I am a syrian and I will survive
No one can ever shake my pride
Although all the world with pointing fingers are accusing us
For those haters harmful acts
We are the victims of humanities unfairly madden ...

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Flew Again Away

Today underthe moonlight I've saw your eyes shining delights
They were not sad like mine
They didn't took me back to life
As they've used to do at past
They refused givingme a reason to survive
Promiseto arrive
Every time I would be in need to that magic smile
Yesterday at night we were not lovers soul of mine
You turned me your back and flew again away

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