Sossi Khachadourian

Sossi Khachadourian Quotes

  • ''Your chance of winning will end up, the moment that you start giving up.''
    Giving up
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  • ''Blaming insensitive people is alike and as useless as blaming  the dead in the grave.''
  • ''The way to happiness is the happiness itself it's all about first step determination and the will within then the circle continues growing and that's it.''
  • ''Learn to appreciate all the beauties around you its a way to do a good job too!''
  • ''Instead of blaming people for their failures; GIVE them your HANDS to RISE them up and HELP them walk.''
  • ''One of the greatest gift you can give to anyone is the gift of attention.''
  • ''Music is the nutrition of my soul
    With it's magic heals up my wounds
    Inspires me to fly there at the blue sky
    Music cradle my heart sway my soul''
  • ''The pain is like a heavy bag filled with stones,
    And you have to carry it with you wherever you go,
    You can't leave it or throw it away,
    Unless your pain is cured!''
  • ''When it's about Art I don't care for political views, Art and Artists for me live In another world apart from the world's ugly facts.''
    Art And Artists In My Opinion Are Away From Stupid Political Views
  • ''The most unfortunate thing when we fall in love with the wrong person or when people we trust hurt us, it's normal that the human being is unfair and cruel sometimes more then an animal, but they leave us In a huge emptiness scary loneliness they make us loose the faith and the trustworthy that make our lives hard to survive!''

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Best Poem of Sossi Khachadourian

I'M A Syrian And I'M Proud!

I am a Syrian and i'm proud
In this country people still have a heart.
Still their values are their guides
Although all the world have unreasonable hateful reaction against us
Without reason without whys

But after storms sun alway shins
RealIties no one can ever hide.
Through darkness light will come
I know that God is watching over us

I am a syrian and I will survive
No one can ever shake my pride
Although all the world with pointing fingers are accusing us
For those haters harmful acts
We are the victims of humanities unfairly madden ...

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The Last Dance With Past

Destroyed and alone i walk to you my past
With opened arms i run to you my past
I knock the doors of distances
There behind them painful memories lies
May can i catch the last chance
To hug the memories of the past
And make with them my last dance

For the last time to try

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