soumya j pratihari

Rookie [lucky] (10 jan 1990 / rourkela india)

Biography of soumya j pratihari

am an adult with a child still in me. girls hate that and i love that. my association with poems come from love for music. i love love and girls. but its almost impossible to get back love in return. that is what motivates me to write. i talk to paper while i write. when am sad i cry and then i write. a poet is full of love yet lonely. Updates

The Mirror Reflects

“Oh you sleepy mistress, get up from your bed,
Listen to the bird’s call, while the sun at dawn is red,
A whole night has passed I have had you seen,
Come to me my love”, Said the mirror to the queen.
Getting off the bed, she went to a state of bliss,
Stood right in front of the mirror and put on him a lovely kiss,
Like the way she has been doing since years and years,
Her love was none but the lively and truthful mirror.
So much he loved her, that it was only she that she could se

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