soumya j pratihari

Rookie [lucky] (10 jan 1990 / rourkela india)

Biography of soumya j pratihari

am an adult with a child still in me. girls hate that and i love that. my association with poems come from love for music. i love love and girls. but its almost impossible to get back love in return. that is what motivates me to write. i talk to paper while i write. when am sad i cry and then i write. a poet is full of love yet lonely. Updates

Am Sorry Again!

How am I going to make you realize what you mean to me,
How can I hide the immaturity that you don’t want to see,
You have been saying this time and again,
That all I gave you was little love and so much pain.
Those indelible memories of the bygone days, whose being a part you now regret,
Those carried away moments with this someone special whom now you want to forget,
Our teachers taught us that forgiveness is the best revenge,
By turning down my apologies what is it my dear that y

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