Souren Mondal

Gold Star - 31,455 Points [Sleepyhead] (10th November 1991 / Chandannagar)

Souren Mondal Quotes

  • '''I had a glass of rum, three cigarettes
    and a daydream at three thirty nine
    A. M on Wednesday, when
    Life was taking turns at a road in
    the big mountains.

    I heard some strange noises like
    paranoid schizophreniacs do and
    there I heard Tiresias saying - -

    'Beware of the plague that will ruin your

    What is imagination? ?''
    This was something that I intended to pass off as a poem, but I didn't feel like it met the necessities of being a poem.. Yet, I had a strange urge to share this.. So, I shared it as a quote....
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  • '''The evenings and days and nights,

    and everything in between..

    I have your thoughts on my mind

    You breathe upon my shoulders

    at night when I go to sleep,

    In my dreams and nightmares

    It's you - enjoying a sojourn - a

    vague promenade across my heart

    with spiked boots,

    None shall remember how You and I

    have had written stories upon stones,

    Hyerogliphs upon the walls of the cave

    that I live in,

    Protecting your memories

    like rose plant in a barren desert...

    What have I done?

    What had you done to me? ?

    What spell,

    what magic potion have you

    intoxicated me with

    that I can neither sleep nor forget

    your words..

    And the sun does not shine anymore,

    the moon has lost it's glow..

    At twilight, everyday, I hope for

    the sun to go down in the river

    and re-awakwn with a fresh soul,

    a heart free from your tar..

    But it beats for you only...

    The evenings are lonely,

    the nights lonlier...

    There are no silver lines on the horizion,

    there's no diamond ring waiting for me,

    neither is there a white dress...

    All that is there is your memories,

    and memories of a Love that never came out of the womb,

    And that shall be my downfall,

    I will happily one day go

    to the sea,

    and like the sun

    will go down in it,

    surrending myself into the pure water

    and still my soul

    will love you...'''
    This not really an original poem by me, but was written in response to 'Clenched Soul' by Pablo Neruda.. I continued the thought in the poem, particularly of a few lines, that I came across there...
  • ''''The greatest challenge for an artist is to find the magnificent in the mediocore''''
    This is an idea that came to me while I was responding to a comment on my poem ''Moonlight and Fireflies''...
  • '''Sometimes dreams are like a butterfly made out of scarlet clouds. You can look at it, chase it. But try holding it in you fingers and it disappears...'''
    On dreams.

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I'M The Man

When I was a kid and skinned my knees
They said 'Man up son! '

When I was a grown boy and had to give up
My toys,
They said 'Man up son! '

When I was in my teens,
Shy, reluctant, weak, dark skinned with pimples,

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