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SPC Kellaway Poems

1. Boy Soldier 9/20/2006
2. Life's Sweet Rainbow 1/12/2007
3. Remember Me 1/12/2007
4. All I Could See 1/18/2007
5. Sanctuary 7/2/2007
6. I Met Her There 7/2/2007
7. Global Warning 7/14/2007
8. No Place Like Alone 10/28/2007
9. Going First.... 8/27/2006
10. The Orphan 8/27/2006
11. Clouds Of Fate 1/1/2008
12. Questions In Shadow 1/11/2008
13. Long And Winding Love 1/11/2008
14. Divided World 1/11/2008
15. Lessons In Love 1/11/2008
16. One World, One Child 4/1/2008
17. Days 4/26/2008
18. Lost Souls 12/2/2008
19. The Soul Of A Poet 8/14/2010
20. A Taste Of Your Love 8/14/2010
21. Lost In Myspace 4/20/2008
22. Coming Out 11/2/2007
23. Life Of A Poet 8/27/2006
24. Being A Poet 8/27/2006
25. The Path Of Light (Desiderata 2006) 8/26/2006
26. Victim 8/27/2006

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Sometimes I feel it was my fault
Perhaps it was something I said
Sometimes I wake from a nightmare
Reliving it again in my head

Sometimes I need to be hurting
Feeling the pain once again
Sometimes cutting my own skin
Is the only thing keeping me sane

Sometimes I wish I was not me
Because I hate me so much
Sometimes I need to be hiding
Out of harms way, out of touch

Sometimes I need to seek refuge
In any drug I can take
Sometimes floating outside me
Dulls the pain and the terrible ache

Sometimes I think I’ll get better
A new ...

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The Orphan

I was a child of distance, an independent soul
Unaware of questions, uncertain of my role
Never fitting in, to any given box
Like a ragamuffin, wearing two odd socks

I dreamed of being someone, dreamed of power and fame
Longed for love and comfort, hoped to play the game
Looked a bit like Mickey, with stick-out pointy ears
Laughed at every hurtful joke, to hideaway the tears

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