Speechless Melody

Rookie (01.05.1997)

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Speechless Melody poet

Music & Poetry are the only ways i can communicate.

Speechless- I cannot speak without making mistakes and upsetting others, so i use poetry.
Melody- Music is the way i express emotion.
Speechless Melody- i can speak with real emotion.

please enjoy my poetry x

Love, Speechless. xo

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Beaten & Bruised

They don't understand the damage their words do,
do you think its funny to keep me locked in this barracade?
My feelings mean nothing to you, all you need is pain from me and youre happy.
Well, im tired of feeling like i have the world on my shoulders.
I have feelings too, unlike you.
Keep away before i leave you beaten and bruised on the pathway of my happiness.

People like you sicken me.. Do you know what real friends are?
Just because you are so much bigger than me you think yo

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