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jezjezalborough.com 28 July 2021

Hi Sam the man, I'd love to know where you heard that about Spike and what book it apparently appeared in. His daughter has told me there is no reference to it in his books. As pauline says (thanks) I wrote this poem back in 1991.

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Roger Costello 18 June 2021

He told us he was ill! .

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Gill Hipkin 30 September 2020

Spike the funniest man that ever lived! ! !

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Sam.The man. 06 August 2020

The poem smiling is infectious was written by an unknown author years before the claims of some, Spike Milligan liked it so much he put it in one of his books.

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Pauline Cowley 19 June 2021

The poem you are referring to is called The Smile and is by Jez Alborough and appears in his book 'Shake Before Opening' 1991

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Ella Davies 15 July 2020

I like poems but my favourite one is the ning nang nong it is a tongue twister

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pee pee 05 May 2020

Spike Milligan can my pee pee!

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abcde 04 May 2020


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Gary Kelly 08 March 2020

My partner says she composed this poem about 1982/83 and sent it with other poems to a publishing house in Preston after seeing an advert in Liverpool Echo. They sent them back saying send a postal order for a sum of money which my partner could not afford at the time. She the other poems except the one that is being attributed to other authors. Can anyone advise how she pursue this further

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Anne Crofts 06 March 2020

Very mysterious about the author of Smile. I've had it as a document on my computer since 1994, so it was definitely written before then. Whoever was the author, it's a great poem.

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I am the author, have a look: // .facebook.com/TheSmilePoem

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Caroline 17 January 2020

I have seen the smiling poem, I shall hunt for the link for you, does any one remember a song about " you need to keep your socks on to stop your feet from fraying at the end" Cheers

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Poetica 13 May 2019

The poem A Smile wasn't written by Spike Milligan. It was written by a children's poet call Jez Alborough and published in a collection in 1991 http: //jezalborough.com/club/? q=4-a-smile-from-a-stranger

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Susan Hebert Ajaz 03 May 2019

This poem was not written by this poet. I know because I wrote it in 2004. I don't see it in his poetry list. I call it " Infectious Smiles" . (Posted by " Good Thinking" on May 3rd,2019, under Spike Milligan's name.)

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If you wro

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Hi Susan, if you wrote it in 2004, how come I published it in my anthology in 1991? // .facebook.com/TheSmilePoem

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im sad 11 March 2019

my nan is dead pls help

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Paul Causton 10 February 2019

Where is the poem India India

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John Kitchen 20 January 2019

My favourite Spike poem was: There was a young man from Darjeeling Who got on a bus bound for Ealing A sign on the door Said 'Don't spit on the floor' So he layid back and spat on the ceiling. It appears in one of his books (not certain if he wrote it)

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Alison Wooder 31 December 2018

I suspect that the so-called Spike Milligan poem called ‘Smiling’ that gets widely circulated on social media is nothing of the kind. It doesn’t feel Milliganesque at all.

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someone kind sent me Spike Milligan`s poem on Smiling Smiling is infectious ou catch it like the flu when someone smiled at me today I started smiling too I walked around the corner and someone saw me grin When he smiled I realized I has passed it on to him I tought about the smile and then realised its worth A single smile like mine Could travel round the earth So if you feel a smile begin Don`t leave it undetected Start an epidemic And get the world infected.

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Liz Donnelly 30 November 2018

This poem was commented on in Facebook but I had never heard of it.

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Liz Donnelly 30 November 2018

I am looking for a poem about abortion by Spike Milligan. Do you have it?

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Chris 29 November 2018

I am looking for the poem about Smiling, but cannot find it.

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