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Rookie (4-20-1992 / Lansing Michigan)

Biography of Spirit writer

I was Born in Lansing, Michigan. I moved to Los Angles, California when i was only 3 weeks old. i lived there till i was eight. i rode horses and surfed there alot. when i was seven i wached my best friend get shot and then a few months later i moved back to michigan but to grand rapids b/c i couldnt live in l.a any more. i moved with my dad b/c my real mom left me and my sisters and brother. im the youngest and i now live in cedar springs michigan. i got a boyfriend named connor and my best friend sara.i wanna move up to grant with connor but i cant leave my friends well thats my life for now...

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Dont Leave

Dont leave me here
i need you near
you stabbed my heart with a knife
you ruined me for life
i never felt so bad
never felt so sad
please come back
i feel so black
so down in the dumps
my heart has lumps
dont leave me here
i need you near

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