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About me? ? ? What about me? ? ? Well, may be I can do a character sketch of myself...Here goes nothing...These are my various “Avatars”:

Sree I: Optimistic Sree: I could say more than optimistic, extremely happy & cheerful, very very hopeful and sees the glass “half-full”. Appears when with friends, cousins and occasionally on special days when I am happy.(i.e. the day exams are over)

Sree II: Pessimistic Sree: Very pessimistic. Mostly before going to bed I become ‘this Sree’ and count my curses (instead of blessings) , but if I have seen a good movie or something I remain my normal self. Looks at what I have messed up or is a mess (otherwise also) in my life. WARNING: Talking or mingling with her can be very depressing.

Sree III: Pathetic Sree: How I hate her! ! ! She’s pathetic and sits there and cries, but this Sree comes out only when I’m alone...I’m generally very strong (I mean mentally, physically I’m as fit as a matchstick) and no one sees me crying... Thank God ‘Sree III ‘ only comes out when I’m alone...

Sree IV: Confident Sree: Not very confident, but at least believes she can do something without completely messing it up. Not an extrovert, but Ok. Appears when with close friends, cousins & family (i.e. inside my security circle) .[ Hey, I’m typing this ].

Sree V: Shy and Introvert Sree: Extremely shy... can’t start a conversation... avoids it too. Avoids talking to strangers (read not so close relatives, not so close friends & classmates) .In fact, a total (pacca) introvert.

Sree VI: Philosophical Sree: Not very friendly (i.e. boring) . Awakes rarely esp. after reading a philosophical or romance novel. Totally boring... Thank God she doesn’t awake when with friends or else they would be snoring within two seconds...

Sree VII: Rebel Sree: Very rebellious. Questions everything. Wants to break free... Doesn’t like following the rules laid out by society. ”Don’t care” attitude. Wants to be unique. Calls a spade a spade. Awakes often (again when in my security circle) esp. when debating etc.

Sree VIII: Enraged Sree/ Selfish Sree: Never selfless, but not too selfish. As for the enraged one – has a “beware” sign hung across her neck. WARNING: Better stay away from her, she may be injurious to health. Won’t listen to reason or logic. Mainly blinded by rage (teenage hormones, you know) .

Sree IX: Goofy & comical Sree: Awakes when inside my security circle. Completely... Insanely...Irritatingly goofy. Goes about acting like a duck, making fish faces, trying to whistle (which is an impossible task for me) , and God knows what... Should’ve taken her as “Goofy” in Mickey Mouse...

Sree X: Intelligent and outstandingly normal Sree (compared to the other Srees) : She is a mixture of all the above plus has a good amount of common sense (I believe) & Intelligence & Knowledge. She’s normal yet not quite normal.

In Short, I’m a lunatic who has escaped from some mental asylum... Anyway, if you guys (& gals) know any other Avatar of me, please tell me...

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I’m a kite now,
Soaring through the skies,
Searing through the clouds,
Enjoying with my fellow-kites,
Laughing as we race to the sun.
They broke their threads,
Beckoning me to join them,
To find what is beyond the sky.
But I can’t…the pull is getting stronger now,

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