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1. Life Is A Puzzle 10/6/2009
2. What Is Love? 10/7/2009
3. Life And Truth 10/7/2009
4. Mother Nature 10/6/2009
5. My Questions To God 2/9/2010
6. My Spiritual Odyssey 2/16/2010
7. My Ultimate Love 8/21/2010
8. Common Man 10/1/2011
9. Blissful Life 2/23/2012
10. A Passionate Rendezvous 4/3/2012
11. Spiritual Evolution 3/19/2014
12. All Were You 9/17/2014
13. Dare To Speak Out Loud 9/17/2014
14. The Ultimate Quest 12/2/2009
15. Rising Evil 10/22/2014
16. Dreams 11/28/2010
17. Twilight Of Life 10/6/2009
18. My Lost Friend And The Angel 10/7/2009
19. Death – The Greatest Fiction 10/7/2009
20. Little Lily And The Sun 10/23/2009
21. Confession Of A Seeker 10/7/2009
22. Child Of Destiny 10/7/2009
23. The Revelation Of A Witness 6/21/2016
24. My Fantasy 6/22/2010
25. A Journey Called Life 3/22/2010
26. Two Sides Of Life 4/3/2010
27. Ruined Emperor 5/10/2010


  • Anees Rahman Anees Rahman (5/23/2010 12:22:00 PM)

    Good work, But I liked the two sides of life, more,
    It would be nice if you join' poems at poetry showcase', could be friends there

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Ruined Emperor

Oh! Lord!
King of Kings!
You were the most powerful emperor
I had ever seen

Alas! What a pity!
Now your kingdom is no more yours
The wind of fortune, sung a hostile tune
Victory kissed the feet of your enemy
Your friends and kins left you alone
Now you are standing bare feet
On this barren land
Under the scorching heat of Sun

Where have those days gone!
When, thou words were command for your people
Where have those days gone!
When, enemies fled with the sight of your shadow
Where have those days gone!
When merchants made bee ...

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Twilight Of Life

In the twilight of my life, I saw a fluttering light
Heaved a sigh of hope, it enthralled my sight
There was a stranger passer-by
She stood with me near-by
Held my hands with a solacing touch,
It was a moment filled with delight,
Fairies of heaven were witness to it
She stood by me and held me with a grit
She was an angel sent by the god

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