Sridatta Gupta

Rookie (10th october / Sindri)

Biography of Sridatta Gupta

Seasons of life, with new hues and new surprise. I like basking in yellow sunshine, i like bathing in red wine. I want the sky like blue hues to reflect in my eyes, i want to blaze like the fire flies. Igniting the passion of life within me, i want to plunge into the vast sea; my life.

A content developer & editor by profession. I survive on books and love to tread on the swirling roads of life. Updates

Joy Of Motherhood

She suckles her breast
I envy, she is so blessed
The joyful tears in her eyes
Cuts through my heart with a cursed knife
The tug of the umbilical chord
The warmth of a life in my lap
Crashed in minutes
Blood gushed
Dreams flushed

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