Srujala Adavas

Biography of Srujala Adavas

Hey! My name is Srujala Adavas and I live in Australia with my mumma, my daddu,3 dogs- Zame, Laurenzo and Proxy, my 2 parrots QT and Pies. I also have a cat called Toungles,2 rabbits called Lovie and Huges. A Zen Garden where i meditate daily, and also a huge PEACE room, where it is calm and soundproof, full of peace.

I was never interested in poems before, but when my teacher checked my 'Journey to Joy' poem she loved it and thought i had a potential. So thats why i created and account, and i hope you guys like it! ! xxo Updates

Journey To Joy

Joy isn’t what money can buy
or what you can make.
It is a journey.
A journey to find true joy within yourself,
and pursue happiness.
Joy is where the oceans roar,
where the seagulls screech,
where the children explore.
At the beach,

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