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Stacy Daley Poems

1. Eyes Upon Her 10/24/2007
2. Heartache 10/24/2007
3. Night 10/24/2007
4. One 10/24/2007
5. Longing 10/24/2007
6. Borrowed Time 10/24/2007
7. Where Does It End? 10/24/2007
8. Of The Beautiful 10/24/2007
9. Death 10/24/2007
10. Darkness 10/24/2007
11. How Is The View Your Highness? 10/24/2007
12. Lost 10/24/2007
13. Love Or Pain? 10/24/2007
14. I Love You 10/24/2007
15. Getting Old? 10/24/2007
16. Storm 10/24/2007
17. Farewell Brother (War) 10/24/2007
18. Feeling Lost 10/24/2007
Best Poem of Stacy Daley

Feeling Lost

Days to come,
don't seem much better then today,
But I'll have to wait and see,
Where there is a will, there is a way,

I want so badly to succeed,
but don't know where to even start,
which path do I chose?
With which dreams do I have to part?

Who knows what tomorrow holds,
let alone where I head this day,
Half of my life has left and already gone,
It's late and I need sleep, dreams to lead me astray,

Who knows which way to go? ,
And if those dreams have already left and gone,
sometimes lying here in the darkness,

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Farewell Brother (War)

Farewell brother,
the time has come,
You will be sorely missed,
and your not the only one,

I shall never forget you,
nor the sacrifices you have made,
Put your life on the line and saved so many,
but you yourself could not be saved,

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