Stacy Pieterse

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Biography of Stacy Pieterse

well my names Stacy, my favourite hobby is poetry.. all my poems all related to a time and meaning in my life.. i like to share poems because it shows people that they are loved and that there's someone for them.. umm im 15 years of age and i go to church.. i love sharing my love for god and im not ashamed of it :)
and im a christian and i love it: D

Stacy Pieterse's Works:

umm dont have any.. yet.. im hoping to tho Updates

A Girls Mind

if you really wanted to understand
the insecurity of a teenage girl
you would,
like how a girl can say shes fine.... and is really not fine
say she hasn't been crying.... when really shes been crying for hours,
and girl can put make-up on and look beautiful on the outside
just to hide the fact that they are crushed and messed up on the inside.

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