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Christian | Lover of Eternal Life | Writer - Ray of Sunshine, Space Cadet, Weird Recluse | Wife/Mom | Poet | Sojourner | Artist | Humanitarian | #Entrepreneur @visionshapers | #AspiringAuthor @mypaintedwords |

Favourite Quote & Philosophy: " empty pockets never held anyone back, only empty minds and hearts can do that ~ Norman Vincent Peale"

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StacyAnn Duhaney's Works:

Dimensions Of A Woman (2015) Poetry Updates

The Visit

The Seventh Day church built on the bend
I curse at the perfection
Alongside these potholes dug deep
A cemetery for hope
Down the road the Pentecostal one wore a hat
It seems the years had stripped away all that
Now skirts are shorter
They keep fighting for souls to save
I hear there are more

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