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Christian | Lover of Eternal Life | Writer - Ray of Sunshine, Space Cadet, Weird Recluse | Wife/Mom | Poet | Sojourner | Artist | Humanitarian | #Entrepreneur @visionshapers | #AspiringAuthor @mypaintedwords |

Favourite Quote & Philosophy: " empty pockets never held anyone back, only empty minds and hearts can do that ~ Norman Vincent Peale"

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StacyAnn Duhaney's Works:

Dimensions Of A Woman (2015) Poetry Updates

Woman And Her Music

Swing your hips to the sound of music,
No, not age or disgrace can stall you!
For your youth is not in days,
But in the swing and sway of your movement.
You move and groove like light ripples,
On blue seas on a Sunday stroll,
You glide like breeze through coconut trees-
High atop green mountains!

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