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my poetry style is ecclectic...

I am the luckiest man in the world, who has found true love and is living a fairy tale everyday...originally a son of the South, I have transplanted myself and two beautiful children to the Northeast and live my life in bliss with my beguiling muse. It may be much colder here, but I wouldn't know because she fills my heart with warmth, love and laughter every single day.

I love you Chicken! !

my beguiling muse

You've given me inspiration from afar,
come in and warmed my heart,
you intrigue me in so many hues,
my beguiling muse.

What once was barren, dusty,
bruised, tired and rusty,
you have burnished clean and new,
my beguiling muse.

You hold me captive to my pen,
releasing all that's held within,
open my eyes to different views,
my beguiling muse.

Entirity I want to share
with you, one so fair,
it's you I openly choose
my beguiling muse.

I have a degree in English Literature, but work with computers. Go figure?

I have been writing songs, poems and stories since I was twelve, and I am now 37.

I play several musical instruments, including the bass guitar and saxophone. Really though, I haven’t played for quite a while.

I am a life-long baseball fan, and even though I'm from the South my favorite team is the Philadelphia Phillies. In 1994, I was able to have beers with several members of the team, including Danny Jackson, after a loss to the New York Mets and two days before the strike that ended that season.

That's all for now.

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don't I wish Updates

300 ~ Ebb

A fat, noisy
street, outside my apartment
door, I consider-

The day crescendo,
noon, promising no dwindle,
only the sweet moment,

Now. The night happens
by and decrescendoes the
day, as life in times.

Hustle and bustle
replaced by the Cricket
Symphony and frog's burp.

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