Stan Petrovich

Rookie - 208 Points [ezramon] (10/27/1950 / Fort Riley, KS)

Biography of Stan Petrovich

Stan Petrovich poet

Appearing in a mirage, I wandered the Arizona desert for forty years, always alone, always lost. The heat takes its toll on verbs, not adjectives. There are not two ways to approach dehydration; only one, the one with symbols. Petroglyphs in rock show the way to live without presumptuous glory.
Then, tired of the blistering sands, turning to my later years I longed for the sea. The green currents called. So leaving the Gila mirage-maker behind wound my way to Massachusetts, to watch the sea examine what it created, and to die. Updates

The Beat

Everything changes,
Except for me:
This paradox burns my boots,
And into life I pass;
Beating the well-meaning devil phrase,
Long night's doctrine,
pharasaism of time;
A jolt to the groin, pinhole of supergas-
I remain upright,
old lion in trance.

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