Standing in the Silence of Your Pain

Biography of Standing in the Silence of Your Pain

my poems/thoughts on this page are the truths about me and my life that i can only tell my notebooks. i write when im sad or angry or depressed and occasionally if im happy....poetry is my way of communicating to the world my thoughts and feelings that i cant bring myself to share (even with my closest friends) any other way. writing is my lifeline. its my cry for help when all seems lost and an ear for someone to listen to me when no one else can. Updates

Campfire Flashback

sitting by the campfire,
there are rememinders of you everywhere.
i remember when you last asked me out,
when i was sitting here by the fire,
and how i thought you had changed.
you had changed all right,
kyle made sure of that.
but the way you changed,
was not in the way i was sure you had.

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