Stanley Collymore

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Stanley Collymore Poems

1. Genuine Love 6/3/2013
2. You Inspire Me Very Much 6/3/2013
3. The Artless Charmer 6/4/2013
4. Being With You 6/4/2013
5. Cause And Effect 6/4/2013
6. The Illogicality Of Commonsense 6/4/2013
7. Electronic Love 6/4/2013
8. Femininity Unbounded 6/4/2013
9. Challenge 6/4/2013
10. Think Positively 6/4/2013
11. Different And Proud Of It! 6/4/2013
12. A Foreseen Tragedy 6/4/2013
13. The Inner Me 6/4/2013
14. Always There 6/4/2013
15. A New Awakening 6/4/2013
16. Future Trend 6/4/2013
17. An Unsurpassed Lady! 6/4/2013
18. Christine – The Classic Woman 6/4/2013
19. Your Decision! 6/4/2013
20. Rene – Portrait Of A Black Beauty 6/4/2013
21. You’re Out Of Line! 6/4/2013
22. English Magistrates 6/5/2013
23. The Violator 6/6/2013
24. Soul Presence 6/6/2013
25. A Fit Of Madness 6/6/2013
26. Do Me A Favour And Permanently Get Lost! 6/6/2013
27. A Core Issue 6/6/2013
28. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Iconic And Truly Inspirational! 6/11/2013
29. A Declaration Of Love 6/15/2013
30. The Epitome Of Rectitude 5/30/2013
31. The Luxury Of Hindsight! 5/31/2013
32. Carry On Killing! 6/1/2013
33. Kenneth G. Doughlin 6/1/2013
34. An Analysis On Being Used 6/1/2013
35. A Good Mix 6/1/2013
36. I Want Nothing Else, Really! 6/1/2013
37. Be Flexible 6/15/2013
38. Lasting Effects 6/15/2013
39. Emotions 6/15/2013
40. Slipping Away 6/15/2013

Comments about Stanley Collymore

  • Robert Murray Smith Robert Murray Smith (8/3/2016 8:03:00 AM)

    Stanley, an outstanding poem. You have told your story your way, And, I say you epitomise a man not cowered by other men. You are 'Stanely Collymore'.


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Best Poem of Stanley Collymore

Get Real! Get A Life!

Is it really possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never
met that in actuality you’ve never even seen other than
trading selective photographs with them on Facebook
and whose sole means of communication between
the two of you consists of online chats actively
pushing personal narratives that even if they’re
not totally narcissistic in nature nevertheless
rely heavily on the hyperbolic promotion
of one’s self in practically every respect
while paying scant regard, if any at all,
to what is actually the stark truth about
yourself, that lets face...

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Kenneth G. Doughlin

You were much more than my English Master for you
were also my Sunday School Teacher, inspirational
mentor, and as I grew into adulthood a close and
trusted friend just like you were to my parents and
grandparents before me, and subsequently my siblings
and numerous others too whose minds and personal
characters you skilfully crafted, enabling us all
to effortlessly become productive and, in
several cases as well, extraordinarily

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