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401. Make This Promise To Yourself! 1/7/2014
402. In Memoriam Of My Beloved Great-Aunt, “aunt Millie”! 1/8/2014
403. Victims Of Racism But We Both Survived! 1/25/2014
404. The Lustful Burden Of Love! 1/28/2014
405. Most Emphatically A Bajan In Every Regard! 11/29/2014
406. Grandmothers Happen, Okay? But Grandmas Are Lovingly And Skilfully Created! 1/2/2014
407. Pubertal Disquiet 11/20/2013
408. Eat Your Heart Out! 10/26/2013
409. On Becoming A Vibrant Woman 10/4/2013
410. The Inebriate Pragmatist 6/3/2013
411. An Echo Chamber For The Powerful! 10/1/2013
412. You’re Wrong. Crime Does Pay! 6/3/2013
413. Often Is Not Nearly Good Enough 6/3/2013
414. Band Of Gold 6/4/2013
415. Black Skin 6/15/2013
416. Bajan Crop Over 6/15/2013
417. The Ukip-Topian, Sociopathic Delusions Of Natasha Bolter! 12/20/2014
418. A Journey Of Unintended Consequences 9/5/2013
419. The Seductive Atmosphere Of St. Valentine's Day! 2/9/2015
420. Congratutalions Barbados! 6/4/2013
421. A Rare Kind Of Love 6/4/2013
422. Backstabbers 6/3/2013
423. Human Rights 6/3/2013
424. The Pangs Of Separation 6/3/2013
425. Holiday Romance 6/3/2013
426. Death Doesn’t Faze Me And I Have No Fear Of It! 11/25/2013
427. Nemesis Of A Female Sexual Predator 5/8/2014
428. Beastly 6/15/2013
429. A Truly Inspirational Partnership 6/1/2013
430. Marry Me! 9/8/2017
431. Unwed, Pregnant And Abandoned! 11/27/2013
432. A Journey Of Discovery 6/4/2013
433. Nelson Mandela; A Truly Remarkable Man! 12/10/2013
434. Fair Weather Friend 6/1/2013
435. Get Real! Get A Life! 10/2/2013

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Get Real! Get A Life!

Is it really possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never
met that in actuality you’ve never even seen other than
trading selective photographs with them on Facebook
and whose sole means of communication between
the two of you consists of online chats actively
pushing personal narratives that even if they’re
not totally narcissistic in nature nevertheless
rely heavily on the hyperbolic promotion
of one’s self in practically every respect
while paying scant regard, if any at all,
to what is actually the stark truth about
yourself, that lets face...

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Carry On Killing!

By Stanley Collymore

We need a war:
as we have no answers of any kind for the
repeated failures and full-scale collapse
of the economy, which we've
persistently botched up with such
stunning regularity through our
exceptional mediocrity; so

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