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81. Not My Kind Of Game 6/3/2013
82. Let It Be! 6/3/2013
83. British Tabloids 6/3/2013
84. Destroyer 6/3/2013
85. There’s No Specific Time To Fall In Love! 8/10/2013
86. The Encounter Surely Is What Really Matters 8/19/2013
87. Franchoice 8/24/2013
88. What Else Can I Do? 8/24/2013
89. Fortitude Or Failure? 8/8/2013
90. Advice To All Bankers 8/31/2013
91. Social Climbing 9/7/2013
92. The Art Of Social Climbing 9/6/2013
93. Ipso Facto 9/21/2013
94. I Like The Feeling You’re Causing In Me! 9/23/2013
95. A Puzzling Dilemma 9/23/2013
96. Insidious Daydreaming 9/27/2013
97. Why Wish To Be Someone Else? 9/27/2013
98. Lyingly Honest! 9/27/2013
99. My Tunisian Awakening 9/27/2013
100. Selfish But Sincere 9/30/2013
101. Some People Are Simply Irreplaceable, Aren’t They? 9/30/2013
102. Requiem For The 24th January 1968 9/30/2013
103. My Life! My Decisions! 6/3/2013
104. Be Strong! 6/3/2013
105. Forever Friends! 6/3/2013
106. No Contest 6/3/2013
107. Alone But Not Lonely 6/3/2013
108. The Determining Factor Is You 6/3/2013
109. I Want To Be More Than Just Your Lover! 10/3/2013
110. They’re Just Kids And Can’t Vote! 10/5/2013
111. Are You Really Sure You’re Who You Think You Are? 10/7/2013
112. Clueless! 10/10/2013
113. You’re Bewitchingly Sensual! 10/14/2013
114. I’ll Do Anything It Takes To Socially Survive! 10/18/2013
115. Loving You Doesn’t Necessarily Mean That I Also Like You! 10/21/2013
116. Nothing Ventured; Well You Know The Rest Of It! 10/22/2013
117. Targeted Vermin! 10/23/2013
118. The Catalyst Is Undeniably You! 10/17/2013
119. You’re Out Of Control! 10/25/2013
120. Britons, Definitely Under The Weather! 10/30/2013

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Best Poem of Stanley Collymore

Fair Weather Friend

By Stanley Collymore

Your friendship means the world to me and will remain
Unalterably as solid as any friendship could possibly
Be, unless of course unwittingly or deliberately
You get yourself into any difficulty that’s
Likely to prove uncomfortable or
Embarrassing for me; in which
Case I reserve the right to unilaterally
Change my mind, then either flow with the
Tide of those who condemn and despise
You or simply sit uneasily on the
Fence of time, waiting for an
Outcome before deciding
Which way I should
Jump, as any ...

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The Luxury Of Hindsight!

Would I really want to change anything
if I had the chance to live my life all over again? My
honest answer, with the full benefit of hindsight, is yes -
I most certainly would! For there’s the egalitarian period
I went through, thinking that all I ever had to do -
apart from being responsible and good - was to
be my usual self with others; and, therefore,
they’d not only understand but, more
importantly, appreciate as well

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