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121. Woman 10/12/2013
122. If Ever There Was A Just Case For Blowback The Antics Of The Energy Six Is Such A One! 10/31/2013
123. Lisa Martin, Whistleblower And Femme Extraordinaire! 11/1/2013
124. Biologically Related, Familially Strangers! 11/6/2013
125. Even Among Ladies Who’re Unique You Carolyn Are Discernibly Unsurpassable! 11/12/2013
126. I’m Not Your Female Eunuch! 11/26/2013
127. Okay! You Win. 11/29/2013
128. I Don’t Feel At All Gay About Our Marriage! 12/5/2013
129. The Miracle Of That Very First Christmas 12/13/2013
130. The Failed Resolve To Keep Promised New Year Resolutions 12/16/2013
131. A Walk On The Seamier Side Of Christmas 12/21/2013
132. A New Year’s Prayer 12/27/2013
133. Meaningful Change Of Any Sort Begins Within Ourselves! 12/30/2013
134. Why Should Western Leaders Bother About Terrorism When They Benefit Hugely From It? 12/31/2013
135. Do Your Thing Grim Reaper And Cleanse This Aegean Stable! 1/31/2014
136. Exposé Of The Consummate Endemic Moron! 2/6/2014
137. The Whimsical Vagaries Of Love! 2/12/2014
138. Targeted, Turned On And Satisfyingly Mated! 2/22/2014
139. Done But As Yet Not Dusted! 3/13/2014
140. The Remarkable And Inescapable You! 5/7/2014
141. Boundless Love 5/7/2014
142. Stephen Lawrence: 21 Years On And Justice Still Denied! 5/7/2014
143. The Thrilling Intimacy And Efficacious Attributes Of The Shower! 3/23/2015
144. A Truly Remarkable And Exemplary Lady! 4/22/2015
145. Arise, New Scotland! Your Time Has Come. 5/16/2015
146. Muito Obrigado Fernanda! 5/19/2015
147. My Sincere Pledge To You Having Intensely Fallen In Love With You! 7/9/2015
148. Quad Erat Demonstrandum Et Cui Bono? 7/11/2015
149. Jeremy Corbyn – Britain’s Intrepid And Timely Messiah! 7/18/2015
150. Radicalization Doesn’t Only Have Demerits; Good Is A Salient Part Of It Too! 7/24/2015
151. Simply Peerless! 7/28/2015
152. The Resilient And Highly Civilizing Gypsy In Me! 8/6/2015
153. The British Marginalized And Their Champion Jeremy Corbyn Democratically Strike Back! 8/14/2015
154. Simon Danczuk, Uk Regimes’ Zionist-Nazi Mass Murderers And Chilcot’s Distortion Of Justice! 8/17/2015
155. The Scum Uk Caretaker Politicians And Civil Servants Running Britain For Zionist-Apartheid Israel 8/20/2015
156. Keep On Coming! 8/25/2015
157. The Lowlife Labtory Scum Purging Principled Jeremy Corbyn’s Voting Supporters. 9/2/2015
158. Miracle Worker, Gutsy Labtory Conqueror And Plain-Speaking Hero, Jeremy Corbyn! 9/8/2015
159. Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Champion Jeremy Corbyn! 9/9/2015
160. Principles! Not Profit Motives Or Baseless Prejudices. 9/10/2015

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Get Real! Get A Life!

Is it really possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never
met that in actuality you’ve never even seen other than
trading selective photographs with them on Facebook
and whose sole means of communication between
the two of you consists of online chats actively
pushing personal narratives that even if they’re
not totally narcissistic in nature nevertheless
rely heavily on the hyperbolic promotion
of one’s self in practically every respect
while paying scant regard, if any at all,
to what is actually the stark truth about
yourself, that lets face...

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A Good Mix

My weaknesses are nullified
by your strengths – yours
by my appreciative
understanding of
what you’re

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