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161. Schliesslich Und Vernuenftig, Wir Sind Uns Alle Jeremy Corbyn Now! 9/11/2015
162. I’ll Never In My Life Pay Deference To An Absurdly Unjust Social Order! 9/14/2015
163. Contented And Most Delighted To Be Exactly Who I Am! 9/29/2015
164. Keine Andere In Dieser Welt, Aber Sie Fuer Mich! 10/2/2015
165. Brilliant Motherhood And Self-Effacing Femininity Conjoined As One! 10/5/2015
166. The Practical Response To Improper And Unwelcome Sexual Behaviour 10/6/2015
167. The Perfidious Flight Of The Covert Dyke Queen Bee! 10/7/2015
168. The Bloody Nerve Of A Serial And Narcissistic Slut! 10/8/2015
169. Ein Unverzichtbares Liebe, Die Fast Nicht Geschehen 10/15/2015
170. Hurrying Slowly To Procure Justice For Britain’s Paedophile Victims! 10/20/2015
171. The Marital Bond! 10/21/2015
172. Ode To The Indomitable Seumas Milne! 10/22/2015
173. More Orgasms Not Less I Say! And Why Not Have A National Orgasm Day? 10/23/2015
174. A Chilling Audacity Triggered In The Nurturing Cauldron Of Intellectual Ineptitude 11/6/2015
175. One Man’s Libertarianism Is Another One’s Subjugation! 11/10/2015
176. Yes! I Do Plead Guilty To Being In Love With You. 11/12/2015
177. The Political Mood Has Drastically Changed And Momentum Is Now With Us! 11/14/2015
178. Deadly False Flag Operations – A Way Of Life For Warmongering Western Politicians! 11/17/2015
179. An Infinite Love Eternally Fortified In Spite Of Your Tragic And Untimely Death! 11/30/2015
180. The Avian Dual Dyke Problem! 12/2/2015
181. This Loving Entreaty To Me By My Maternal Grandmother 12/5/2015
182. My Pledge As A Lone Wolf Assassin! 12/7/2015
183. Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag Am 14. Dezember 2015 Erika! 12/11/2015
184. Debenhams The Commercial Ku Klux Klan Of The British High Street! 12/14/2015
185. In Virtuous Praise Of German Women! 12/17/2015
186. Mein Kampf! The Unrivalled Solution To The Malignant Plague Of Yiddish Zionism. 12/21/2015
187. Bugger Off Santa Claus And Give Me Some Peace And Quiet! 12/23/2015
188. God Doesn't Only Exist At Christmas Time! 12/23/2015
189. Real Love Versus The Fanciful And Widespread Notions Of What Love Is Supposedly All About! 12/29/2015
190. No Guarantees Mind, But All The Same A Happy New Year To You! 12/31/2015
191. Death The Definitive Arbiter Of Man's Conceit! 1/5/2016
192. Pertinent Questions To The Venal Snouts In The Trough British Politicians 1/8/2016
193. Death: An Inevitable But Nevertheless An Insignificant Aspect Of My Life! 1/20/2016
194. With Love And Happy Birthday Stanley Victor Collymore! 1/22/2016
195. Les Victimes Du Racisme, Mais Nous Avons Tous Deux Survécu! 1/25/2016
196. Money, Money, Money It's The Rich Man's Friend; And Obviously House Of Commons Mps Too! 2/12/2016
197. I've No Need Of A Valentine Reminder When In You I Already Have My Saintly Goddess! 2/13/2016
198. Being A Female Isn't In Itself The Only Qualification To Be A Mother! 3/1/2016
199. The Pain Of Divorce! 3/7/2016
200. A Cautionary Tale 3/11/2016

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Best Poem of Stanley Collymore

Get Real! Get A Life!

Is it really possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never
met that in actuality you’ve never even seen other than
trading selective photographs with them on Facebook
and whose sole means of communication between
the two of you consists of online chats actively
pushing personal narratives that even if they’re
not totally narcissistic in nature nevertheless
rely heavily on the hyperbolic promotion
of one’s self in practically every respect
while paying scant regard, if any at all,
to what is actually the stark truth about
yourself, that lets face...

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The Luxury Of Hindsight!

Would I really want to change anything
if I had the chance to live my life all over again? My
honest answer, with the full benefit of hindsight, is yes -
I most certainly would! For there’s the egalitarian period
I went through, thinking that all I ever had to do -
apart from being responsible and good - was to
be my usual self with others; and, therefore,
they’d not only understand but, more
importantly, appreciate as well

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