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241. In No Small Measure We're Forever Indebted To You And Your Family Muhammad Ali! 6/11/2016
242. R.I.P Tony Cozier - A Truly Iconic Bajan And Cricketing Legend! 6/13/2016
243. The Ultimate Sexual Liberator, Mentor And Reliable Friend! 6/18/2016
244. The Zionist Chink In Sadiq Khan's Muslim Armour! 6/21/2016
245. Requiem For Julia Hartley-Brewer! 6/25/2016
246. Proto-Fascism Is Actually The Essence Of The Supposedly American Dream! 7/4/2016
247. Momentum: Thoroughly With It And A Truly Inspirational Phenomenon! 7/27/2016
248. The Upcoming And Creditable Murder Of Rupert Murdoch! 8/2/2016
249. We Were Made Slaves But Don't Define Yourselves By That Inferior Status! 8/3/2016
250. Love At First Sight Can Be Rather Overrated But This One Isn't! 8/4/2016
251. Narcissism Is Not A Mirror Image Of Love! 8/5/2016
252. A Proud Corbyn Fan And My Retort To The Fetid Stench Of British Politics! 8/9/2016
253. Fools And Their Follies Are Inextricably Linked; No Reason Though To Accept Either Or Both Of Them! 8/11/2016
254. The Jess Phillips Phenomenon - Slime Masking As A Healing Lotion! 8/12/2016
255. The British Thought Police Even Dafter Than The Privileged Criminal Scum It's Pandering To! 8/16/2016
256. There's No Way That You Odious Buggers Will Ever Keep Jeremy Corbyn Down! 8/17/2016
257. The Immolation Of Jess Phillips And The Torturing Castration And Disembowelment Of Tom Watson! 8/23/2016
258. An Approved Of Killing That Will Lead To A Spate Of Similarly Just Murders! 8/27/2016
259. The Proposal 9/2/2016
260. Loveliness Splendidly Interwoven With Natural Sophistication 9/7/2016
261. This Inured Criminal, Blairite Scum Have Forfeited All Right To Life And Must Die! 9/9/2016
262. If Only There Were Many More Like You! 9/13/2016
263. Strangers Bonded By An Indivisible Compatibility! 9/14/2016
264. Don't You Patronize Me With Your Smug Masculinity! 9/15/2016
265. You've No Cause For Any Worries I Assure You! 9/16/2016
266. Worry About Who You Really Are And Just Leave Me To Be Who I Am! 9/20/2016
267. War Criminal Tony Blair, His Blairite Scum And The Damoclean Sword Within The Labour Party! 9/26/2016
268. Happy Birthday To The Immensely Erudite And Strikingly Beautiful German Princess In My Life! 10/6/2016
269. Why Are These Repulsive Sewer Rats Still Alive And Not Ruthlessly Killed? 10/12/2016
270. A British Slut, Yes! But Naturally So Or Socially Conditioned To Be? 10/14/2016
271. For Me The Huge Pleasure From Celebrating Your Birthday Was Surpassed Only By The Multiple Orgasms We Had With Each Other! 10/17/2016
272. Money Is Our God And We'll Follow It Religiously Wherever It Leads; Even To Germany! 10/21/2016
273. Expertise Melded With Affability! 10/24/2016
274. Altruism: Difficult To Implement I Know But Worth Trying All The Same! 10/26/2016
275. Stop Giving Greed A Bad Name! 10/28/2016
276. Parenting Or Narcissistic Posing? 10/29/2016
277. Death: The Ultimate Enforcer Of Universal Equality! 11/2/2016
278. The Clinical Response To An Adulterous Affair! 11/9/2016
279. A Woman Like No Other! 11/26/2016
280. Fidel Castro The Iconic And Unquestionably Principled Hero Of The 20th Century! 11/29/2016

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Get Real! Get A Life!

Is it really possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never
met that in actuality you’ve never even seen other than
trading selective photographs with them on Facebook
and whose sole means of communication between
the two of you consists of online chats actively
pushing personal narratives that even if they’re
not totally narcissistic in nature nevertheless
rely heavily on the hyperbolic promotion
of one’s self in practically every respect
while paying scant regard, if any at all,
to what is actually the stark truth about
yourself, that lets face...

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The Epitome Of Rectitude

Recognition by your peers, workmates, friends or even family
members can be and very often is a favourable fillip to one’s
self-confidence, personal empowerment or, significantly,
the fulfillment of much cherished career ambitions.
Acknowledgement however of one’s capabilities
and the explicit gratitude for them by those
who freely and selflessly annunciate
them is correspondingly an even
greater achievement.

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