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Rookie (August 25,1989 / Texas)

Biography of Stefanie Anonymous

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie, I'm from Texas. I'm fairly new to this site, so i'm not exactly sure what to put in these nifty little boxes... :) If you'd like to know something about me, just message me and I'll be sure to write you back. Bye!

Stefanie a Few Years Later:

I'm not sure when I first joined this site, although it has been quite some time. It is interesting to see how much I have changed. I can even see my former self in my introduction :) I didn't have the heart to delet it, it was too amuzing. In gazing back at these poems, I've posted a few recent works, as well. Enjoy, and feel free to write me, critique me, or dropp in to say hello. I will still always write back. :) Updates

Embers Of The Past

This memory will not linger,
This moment will not last.
It's just another breath of time
Life sweeps into the past.
All these smiling faces
Will slowly turn to ghosts
That only visit in your dreams,
Or at reunion's toast.
Such simple things aren't meant to last

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