Stefn AnyatonwuSylvester

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Biography of Stefn AnyatonwuSylvester

Stefn Sylvester is my Pen Name. But my real name is Stephen O.J.
Anyatonwu. From Abia but was born in Kano State.

He had a flair for poetry. Started writing at a very tender age
of 5 to 6yrs old. Wrote his first real poem when I was 15. Stefn
Sylvester was so much overjoyed by the positive commendations it yielded.
Which happened to be the Spring Board that launched him into full-time
His love for poetry cannot be over emphasized.
Stefn has a strategic mind and is constantly innovating.

Dealing with failure is easy: Work hard to improve. Success is also
easy to handle: You've solved the wrong problem.
Frankly, Stefn Sylvester don't think you could have driven a needle up
his sphincter using a sledgehammer... He thinks he is SUPER MAN. Updates

I Am Xenophobia

I am Xenophobia
I hate my brother
I’ll untie mother’s wrapper
I’ll break father’s
Walking stick
And stick(out)
My head from the South
Laughing to my delight
While he stumbles in daylight.

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