Stefon Napier

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Biography of Stefon Napier

Stefon Napier (b.1991) is an American Poet.He was raised in Miramar, Florida until he was 17 and then moved to Boca Raton Florida to attend Florida Atlantic University where he majored in English.He was first published in the Word Bohemia Press in the United Kingdom. Almost all of his poems are free form prose. Updates

Thoughts Of A Concerto

I am dying
Fury makes for a brief existence
Going up somewhere where it is cold.
The sun is ticking away in my back pocket.
You are so beautiful that you look like a memory.
It is not insignificant to die,
your craft plays on like echoes tickling the backs of mountains.
Your day is dancing.
Yesterday survives only because I am dying in an opera.

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