Stella Andrews

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Stella Andrews Poems

41. Star-Crossed Lovers 4/12/2010
42. Red And Blue 11/4/2010
43. I Have No Spirit 11/4/2010
44. Do I Love You? 5/16/2011
45. Its So Hard To Move Forward 5/16/2011
46. There’s A World Outside My Own 7/1/2011
47. How Can You Look At Yourself 7/1/2011
48. Words Of A Pathetic Worm 9/28/2011
49. Untouchable; Unbreakable 11/11/2011
50. I Will Be Your Moongirl 12/10/2011
51. Hard Without Drugs 12/23/2011
52. Unseen, Untouched 2/21/2012
53. Corner Of The Universe 2/22/2012
54. I Am Ready To Die You Bas.Tard 3/1/2012
55. Motionless; 3/8/2012
56. My Heart Is Ice 3/13/2012
57. Emotions At The Door 3/13/2012
58. Can Anyone Fix Me? 3/14/2012
59. Ehli- Nothing But Rubble To Call My Own 4/25/2012
60. Take Ur D.Ick And Go Use Some Other Girl 5/6/2012
61. Ghosts Haunt Me Cold 5/8/2012
62. I Take Comfort In Unsolvable Darkness 10/18/2012
63. My Blood Is Gold 10/18/2012
64. I Only Want To Be Loved 11/13/2012
65. Line Out Of Hell 11/13/2012
66. Hopeless 11/13/2012
67. 9 11/14/2012
68. I Wonder 10/9/2009
69. This Is Hard 4/14/2010
70. Pop Goes The Weasle 11/4/2010
71. Teach Me Mother Who I Should Be 3/1/2013
72. Song In Progress 5/12/2013
73. The Capturing (In Progress) 12/2/2013
74. I Am A Rock In A Creek 3/13/2014
75. Ehli 11/30/2011
76. Awkward Love Affair 11/4/2010
77. I’m A Ball Of Life 11/15/2011
78. Is There Something Wrong With Me? 4/14/2010
79. Do You Feel Better Now? 2/19/2010
80. Filling The Empty Spaces 10/15/2009

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Best Poem of Stella Andrews

A Story About A Boy

Down this dusty dry track,
There is a boy waiting for me.
He has a smile that every girl wants,
And owns all the land your eyes can see.

This boy is perfect, or so people think.
He is extremely good looking,
And rich.
he has to organise his days by booking.

This boy has everything,
Except for a heart.
He doesn't care for anyone,
And doesn't care if he breaks someone apart.

But then i came into this town.
And i was only new.
I was his next target.
If only he had one clue.

He came up to me in safeway one night,
And ...

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One Wrong Move

One wrong move,
Could end it all.
One missed chance,
Could lose it all.

One small word,
Could mend it all,
One silly action,
Could start it all.

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