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Hi im steph
im 15.
I enjoy writing poems it helps me understand my feelings and to get them out so they aren't all choked up inside me. All my poems on here at the moment are poems i have written for my ex who dumped me after 4 months then we got back together for 4 days then i dumped him because he wasn't the same guy the one i fell in love with.
All these poems mean alot to me so i hope you all like them.
I am also on Mibba mmy name is Steffie Mc so go check out my other poems. Updates


im writing you this letter that i no ill never send
i need you to no why i cant just be your friend
you threw my heart away without a reason why
i said i was ok you should have known i lied

and everytime you pass me by
i just cant seem to look you up in the eye
they say that im doing fine

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