Stephanie Blake

Rookie (6/14/1988 / Newark)

Biography of Stephanie Blake

I'm 18 years old, recovering addict, boderline personality disorder, I've hitched my away across the US, I've been in hospitals more times than I can count, every person who knows me would describe me in a diffrent way. I write to keep myself sane, I always have. I never shared any of it before (out of fear and because I'm very critical of my work) so I'm trying to break out of my shell. I also want to put some other projects involving photography into action, maybe start college in January. I change my mind constantly, I live in extreams, but I'm interesting to get to know..I think. Updates


It is a quiet suffering
Causing a passive awareness
Amongst sparse outbreaks of intense emotion
Weeks of placid acceptance
Suddenly broken by
Fits of hysterical tears,
Uncontrollable sobbing and small
Tense fists breaking windows and bones
It retreats into the center of my chest

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