Stephanie Blake

Rookie (6/14/1988 / Newark)

Biography of Stephanie Blake

I'm 18 years old, recovering addict, boderline personality disorder, I've hitched my away across the US, I've been in hospitals more times than I can count, every person who knows me would describe me in a diffrent way. I write to keep myself sane, I always have. I never shared any of it before (out of fear and because I'm very critical of my work) so I'm trying to break out of my shell. I also want to put some other projects involving photography into action, maybe start college in January. I change my mind constantly, I live in extreams, but I'm interesting to get to know..I think. Updates

I Wonder Why...

After his death silenced me
and I felt that pain of wishing he was here
that he would come to me in my dreams

he would walk my house at night
his body eating itself
while I begged him to go or become real

his ghost comes to me

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