Stephanie Blodgett

Rookie (4/29/1991 / Orlando Florida)

Biography of Stephanie Blodgett

I’m freshly 18 and loving it. I go to School everyday and me strait A’s and I’ll be in collage in the fall. I do what needs to be done and life good (a way its not always been) , but I party vary hard on the weekends. I’m from all over Florida, mostly Orlando and Ocala. I’ve been writing sense I was about 12, when I started going drugs, mostly smoking weed, drinking and doing pills everyday. Its been a long road sense then, and now life is good and I work vary hard to keep it that way, but I do still smoke & drink on weekends. I only say this because has a lot to do with my writing. Much of my writing is vary dark, this is not because I don’t like my life or that I’m depressed (though sometimes I am, but who isn’t really? ?) , its just because throughout my years I’ve learned to embrace the darker side of things just like the rest of life. I love art, tattoos being one of my favorites (I have only one for now; -{, as well as piercing (13 at the moment) , and many other forms. Anything else anyone wants to know, just ask, I’m an open book…

Stephanie Blodgett's Works:

None yet, I'll get back to you on that... Updates

My Weeping Willow

Look at the weeping willow
How low it hangs its head
You can look into its eyes
And your reflection seems so dead
I lay under it and cry
Its arms hold me tight
It always wonders why
There’s never any light
“There is some good in this world”

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