Stephanie Conners

Rookie (01 18 1989 / Washington DC)

Biography of Stephanie Conners

well im a single mom of 2 not really much to tell i grew up in the US moved around some i use to write poems all the time but some where along the way i lost my inspiration. im slowly getting it back! lets see i have a boy friend and a job i get on when i can i guess you can say i have a life outside of writing poems i get up every morning with a smile i've been writing sense i was about 13 14 years old working on getting my nursing degree now so been a bit busy i have no published books i just write whats on my mind or what i see and sometimes i what i hear i think thats about all I've got to say right now lol if i think of more ill add it in XD Updates

A Mothers Love

A mothers love is never ending
It never judge ‘s
It never discriminates
Its always there
In your heart you’ll find
A Mothers love

A mothers love will never leave you
No matter what you do

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