stephanie Gardner

Biography of stephanie Gardner

i may only be only 16 but i write from my experiences that i have encounter in life, whether there hasn't been that many compared to many people.

but the ones i have faces haven't been the ones i learn from, going through depression due to sporting related injuries.
such poems are bout my personal times during the cycle of depression n my dreams, desires n passion whether its for personal interests or the effect on my position in the world. Updates

All Time Low

for something so strong to come to alive both must have the same drive,
an over powering rush of blood can kick start beauty between two,
it can send thoughts of fear turn to excitement,
but excitement only take one so far -
that path start when hands are holding and mucking around with mercy within time,
common as it is everyday all feels a strange play, but they will never see the ending,
if it still continues as for one to see such a ride it's very inviting,

but deadly, to tou

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