stephanie Gardner

Biography of stephanie Gardner

i may only be only 16 but i write from my experiences that i have encounter in life, whether there hasn't been that many compared to many people.

but the ones i have faces haven't been the ones i learn from, going through depression due to sporting related injuries.
such poems are bout my personal times during the cycle of depression n my dreams, desires n passion whether its for personal interests or the effect on my position in the world. Updates

Endless Heart Ache

home-town heroes breathe morning scars of moaning cries for freedom as history repeats,
one palace; birth origins of individuals found in the voyage of our eyes and lips,
my guard stands firm with the ring of fire yet my blood pours in the prints of hands,
english solders proudly bond the endless wall of my passion -
winter's chill has arrived,

your coward sins grow the heartless army blown by a snake's kiss,
silent echoes of still words freedom over mercy,
closed eyes visit ever

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