Stephanie Heredia

Rookie (August 22,1991 / coachella valley)

Biography of Stephanie Heredia

Stephanie Ariel Heredia im 20 years old I just started poetry 2months ago. Iv have a man we have been together since I was 12hes my one true love. Im a big believer of true love I believe u only fall in love once.if u read my poems u know im an addict my boyfriend gave my first hit.his mom is the person that introduced me to it my first taste.I lost jobs, belongings, and even family to drugs. This last April was my turning point I v been clean since then but I recently been doing
it on occasion.iv been a bad seed
since I can remember the family f..k up that's me, I didn't graduate dropped out in 10 grade but when I moved away from the drugs I enrolled in GED im almost finished I just need 200$ to take the test..I
use blame every one for everything that was wrong but the month of april was my eye awakening. If I
want something I just gotta put the effort and eventually u succeeded.8 months ago I would have never thought I'd be the girl I am today it was so hard and I still struggle but my poetry is how I gather my thoughts and it helps me express inner feelings I don't quite understand. Thanks for reading I really appreciate it.

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The Addict In Me

Here I go again filling my lungs with smoke, walking the streets at night looking for dope, to come so far and fall back into old habits, nothing will change ill always be an addict, high so high there's no going back, step by step learning how to act, time passes on and shits still the same, hiding my tears and all my pain, there's no more hope fo

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