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82. Cunning Baffling And Powerful 7/9/2009
83. Risk Am Willing To Take…. 11/9/2009
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92. In The Darkness Of My New Home 6/12/2007
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105. Alcohol 4/16/2007
106. Fake Smiles 4/16/2007
107. Can I Keep You 4/5/2007
108. In Thy Nature 10/26/2007


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In Thy Nature

In thy nature is beauty
in thy nature is earth
in thy nature i find my worth

in thy nature is peace
in thy nature i find myself
in thy nature every lasting greens

in thy nature there is more to be seen
in thy nature a beauty untold
in thy nature everything is worth more than gold

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Today I Wanted

Today I wanted to smile all day
But something and everything stood in my way
Today I wanted to laugh and joke
But something stopped me and I gave up hope

Today I wanted to be the best at work
But something held me back and the feeling just hurt
Today I wanted to be happy and glad
But something held me back and made me feel sad

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