81. When Your Gone 5/24/2007
82. Cunning Baffling And Powerful 7/9/2009
83. Risk Am Willing To Take…. 11/9/2009
84. Living In My Own World 10/10/2007
85. Good Bye And Good Luck 7/25/2007
86. I Love You So Much It Hurts 4/9/2007
87. My 1st Little Car 6/17/2008
88. Who Can See? 5/31/2007
89. There’s Got To Be More To Life 10/1/2007
90. Adam 4/16/2007
91. Live In The Past 5/2/2007
92. In The Darkness Of My New Home 6/12/2007
93. When I See The Old Me 6/28/2007
94. I Am Like........................ 5/2/2007
95. I Am Here To Lend A Hand 10/3/2007
96. Im Happy Being Just Me! ! ! 8/13/2009
97. Complex Words In A Poem 10/12/2007
98. The Way U Make Me Feel! 10/1/2007
99. The Shame! ! ! 9/29/2008
100. Stephanie & Kevin Poem (Best In The World Fact) 12/25/2007
101. I Cant Believe I Am Engaged 6/22/2007
102. What Is A Poem? 4/16/2007
103. Do You Ever? 5/20/2008
104. An Acrostic Poem About Learner Plates 5/27/2008
105. Alcohol 4/16/2007
106. Fake Smiles 4/16/2007
107. Can I Keep You 4/5/2007
108. In Thy Nature 10/26/2007


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In Thy Nature

In thy nature is beauty
in thy nature is earth
in thy nature i find my worth

in thy nature is peace
in thy nature i find myself
in thy nature every lasting greens

in thy nature there is more to be seen
in thy nature a beauty untold
in thy nature everything is worth more than gold

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Who Can See?

Who knows when others are hurting we cannot see there tears if they don’t cry
We cannot tell there pains from the looks in there eyes

Who can see the pain in a heart through the skin and bone?
Who can see the pain of those who live alone?

Who can feel the hurt of losing a person someone loved
Who can hear the cry that people cry without the noise

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