Rookie (November 1,1993 / Los Angeles)



I have always loved poetry. It is a way I can express all that I feel. I mostly write when im feeling sad it is away to express my saddness. i really enjoy writeing poety.With each expireince that I live it inspires me to write about the way I feel. Each poem that I write is one that means so much to me, because everyone of them is a memory and each time I read it it takes me back to the time period in wich it took place. Each poem that I submit here is one I wrote myself. None of them are copied or anything of that nature.I hope you enjoy. Updates

My Silent Plead

When your screamming in a silent plead, noone can hear you out
You're deing inside, but don't have the courage to cry it out
Find the time and help youself
Scream it out, Scream it loud
Help me with this misery i hold
I've fallen deep, pick me up i need relieve
The floor is burning me
The louder scream, the more releived
I need you to hold me tight in times like these

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