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1. Dying Red 5/18/2009
2. Days Of Old And Days Of New 5/28/2009
3. Truely Gemini 7/2/2009
4. We Will Stay Strong 8/26/2010
5. Tears 8/26/2011
6. My Search For God 5/31/2012
7. The Decision Of Grandparents 5/31/2012
8. The Pain Of Hell 5/31/2012
9. The Pumpkin Patch 5/31/2012
10. Corporate Demise 5/31/2012
11. Free To Love 6/1/2012
12. Learn 6/1/2012
13. To Our Father 6/1/2012
14. A Gift After Time 6/1/2012
15. My Fairy Wedding 6/8/2012
16. Love From Sea To Sea 6/8/2012
17. Sacred Love 6/8/2012
18. The Graduation Blues 6/8/2012
19. A Night In The Fifties 6/8/2012
20. The Rose 8/29/2012
21. One More Drink 7/21/2014
22. No Sweeter The Color Of Depression 5/18/2009
23. My Crystaline Moment 5/18/2009
24. A Womans Wrath 5/15/2009

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A Womans Wrath

Once in a million years,
The rocks will burst into tears.
Shears of time will cut the thread,
That binds every word that was said.
The dreams in color had come to an end,
And darkness, with monsters, all ready to send.
The protective fortress will fall,
There will be none at all.
Bodies will have burned before being noticed,
Snow will fall during the Summer Solstice.
Tears from above frozen to hail,
No ship will be able to sail.
Escape from the cold is nearly impossible,
This wrath has never been possible.
Run as far as you can,
But the road...

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Truely Gemini

Double personalities is the normal description of a Gemini,
One for reason and one for partying till the moon is high.
Masks are put in place to protect,
But reporters of all kind will be ready to disect.
For the Gemini population, disection is harder
But we are sadder.
Many masks are what we have to wear
In order to live a normal life as a disier.
Identity theft is not an option,

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