Stephanie West

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Biography of Stephanie West

Hello! My name is Stephanie, I am a university student and a keen writer. I write poemsand the occasional short stort or part of one at least.

Most of my poems are based on something tat has happened to me so thy are all very personal. Nonetheless, I welcome critique and would like to know your thougts on my work. Thank you for reading

Stephanie West's Works:

I don't hae any published books perse however I do have a published article. If the google 'Stephanie McInroy Elma Mitchell Award', you will find it. The article is about how society prevents the diabled. Updates

By The Hand

I'm looking at you from across the room
The light shining on your hair
It's beaming on your face so I see it
So I close my eyes and you are there

The sound of your laughter, the way you talk
The way you talk to your friends
I want to be like this forever
Be with you until the world ends

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