Stephen Beam

Biography of Stephen Beam

a son of God, I was born on father's day back in 1981.
scarred i was, born with a bi-lateral cleft lip and palate. But, i got past it and have come into myself as as an artist and a student of the fine arts. I pull my writings from my inspirations, which are vast.
i have a style of writing i have grown to love and it's Epic poetry and poetry in a lyrical song-like form. My sister, The Dreamers Movement has noticed my writings have developed nicely. My Teachers have encouraged me to get my writing out there so here i am getting it out there. eventually i'd like to compose all my poems into a book with drawings and illustrations. plus, create a CD with the songs i have written. Updates

Halloween Hollywood

Welcome to the Masquerade... in a way a prison
Horrors of this macabre feature run it's vision
Hidden behind facades, lie the lost and soulless
Living the days a pill at a time... high moments
One Low and out come the monsters 'n Demons
All they do ends in solace with 'comforting reasons'
The penance? a selfish high gained by pawn-like behavior
Vampires draining us all till self-preservation's a savior

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