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Author, artist, musician, and over-the-hill surfer Stephen Brooke lives in an old farmhouse in the Florida Panhandle. For more, visit his site at

Stephen Brooke's Works:

Pieces of the Moon, Arachis Press,2003,2005 (poetry)
A Mouse Is In The House, Arachis Press,2011 (children)
The Middle of Nowhere, Arachis Press,2011 (novel)
Nightwinds, Arachis Press,2012 (poetry)
The Contrary Fairy, Arachis Press,2012 (children)
The Art of K. Page Brooke, Arachis Press,2013 (art) Updates

Ghosts In Gray

Beneath the fading stars they pass,
too dim for mortal sight,
Shadows moving in the mist,
before dawn's first pale light.
They have arisen rank on rank,
to rejoin the fight,
And a lonely fife is playing ‘Dixie'
somewhere in the night.