Stephen Crane

[Newark, New Jersey, United States] (November 1, 1871 – June 5, 1900 / New Jersey)

Stephen Crane Poems

81. Truth 1/1/2004
82. I Met A Seer 1/1/2004
83. A Slant Of Sun On Dull Brown Walls 4/2/2010
84. I Stood Upon A High Place 1/1/2004
85. I Stood Musing In A Black World 1/1/2004
86. Content 4/2/2010
87. Ay, Workman, Make Me A Dream 1/1/2004
88. Ancestry 4/2/2010
89. Behold, From The Land Of The Farther Suns 1/1/2004
90. God Lay Dead In Heaven; 1/1/2004
91. I Was In The Darkness; 1/1/2004
92. Fast Rode The Knight 1/1/2004
93. Charity Thou Art A Lie 1/1/2004
94. A Man Toiled On A Burning Road 1/1/2004
95. ’scaped 4/2/2010
96. I Walked In A Desert 1/1/2004
97. I Looked Here 1/1/2004
98. I Heard Thee Laugh 1/1/2004
99. A Slant Of Sun On Dull Brown Walls 1/1/2004
100. Blustering God, 1/1/2004
101. A Learned Man Came To Me Once 1/1/2004
102. Black Riders Came From The Sea 1/1/2004
103. A God In Wrath 1/1/2004
104. A Man Feared That He Might Find An Assassin; 1/1/2004
105. The Wayfarer 1/1/2004
106. "It Was Wrong To Do This," Said The Angel 1/1/2004
107. Upon The Road Of My Life, 1/1/2004
108. A Youth In Apparel That Glittered 1/1/2004
109. Do Not Weep, Maiden, For War Is Kind 1/1/2004
110. And You Love Me 1/1/2004
111. A Man Saw A Ball Of Gold In The Sky; 1/1/2004
112. A Newspaper Is A Collection Of Half-Injustices 1/1/2004
113. I Saw A Man Pursuing The Horizon 1/1/2004
114. A Spirit Sped 1/1/2004
115. A Man Went Before A Strange God 1/1/2004
116. Behold, The Grave Of A Wicked Man 1/1/2004
117. In The Desert 1/1/2004
118. A Man Said To The Universe: 1/1/2004

Comments about Stephen Crane

  • John Doe (11/29/2018 3:06:00 PM)

    In my early days in hoghschool I was one of the kids with the scars, and the hair over the eyes and Stephen Crane's poems saved me from possibly commiting toaster bath. I have so much respect for this man rest in Perpperoni my dude!

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  • Jake welch (5/3/2018 10:13:00 AM)

    'In The Desert' was a very important poem in my formative years. between my parents falling out after year and eventual divorce, and the bullying from my peers, this poem kept me from behaving in a way against my own interest, and becoming a worse person.

  • John Richter (5/29/2015 8:28:00 AM)

    Red Badge of Courage is one of the greatest books I read as a boy, filling that long ago young mind with something other than the flowery trappings that most authors of his time portrayed the world as. Stephen was a realist, a much needed part of the literary world..... We all owe him a great debt of gratitude. I'm surprised this page is not filled with remarks.

  • Stephanie Wright Stephanie Wright (10/2/2012 11:56:00 AM)

    I love his short stories!

Best Poem of Stephen Crane

A Man Said To The Universe:

A man said to the universe:
"Sir I exist!"
"However," replied the universe,
"The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation."

Read the full of A Man Said To The Universe:

Charity Thou Art A Lie

Charity thou art a lie,
A toy of women,
A pleasure of certain men.
In the presence of justice,
Lo, the walls of the temple
Are visible
Through thy form of sudden shadows.

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